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CMA Is Growing Even More

A few months ago we announced the exciting news that CMA would be adding a second grade 7 class starting September 2021. Due to the ever-increasing demand for our middle school, we have decided to add a second grade 8 class as well! Our students will continue to benefit from smaller class sizes but now […]

CMA is Growing

After an incredible year of growth and increased interest, we are thrilled to announce that Coast Mountain Academy will have two grade 7 classes for the first time ever this coming September. Big thanks to all of our families who continue to tell their friends, and friends of friends about our school. Our teachers are […]

‘Thinking Classroom’ Mathematics

The mathematics program at CMA focuses on conceptual understanding and problem solving; with ‘procedural’ approaches as a last resort. Students are provided opportunities to collaborate when problem-solving, going beyond procedures to explore mathematical concepts from different perspectives. Student-driven discussion and examples, hands-on activities, “what if” questions, numeric and geometric problems, and interdisciplinary projects provide multiple […]


The INQubator program at Coast Mountain Academy is an expression of the school’s core academic philosophy that curiosity and wonder are the best teachers. In grades 7-9, students take part in a year-long course to learn how to explore questions and projects of their own choosing. With the guidance of teachers, students practice refining their […]

Online Gradebook

One of the most important aspects of creating self-aware students is ensuring that they know where they are on the journey of learning. While report cards have been traditionally focused on grades and performance, Coast Mountain Academy has leveraged current technology to expand the conventional report card into a continuous process of communication. Faculty contribute […]

Hybrid Timetable

Through years of development, Coast Mountain Academy implements an exciting ‘hybrid’ timetable that brings the best of different course-lengths and a varied weekly schedule to subjects that benefit from them. Year-long “linear”, semester, and trimester course-lengths are used in different subjects and grade levels to maximize opportunity for the learning activities that suit those subjects […]

Formative Assessment Model

Coast Mountain Academy is proud to comprehensively implement the assessment approach promoted by the 2018 Ministry of Education curriculum redesign: a philosophy of classroom assessment that emphasizes student self-awareness and repeated efforts that lead to mastery. Our “Formative Assessment Model” utilizes two different grade scales based on the type of coursework or activity being assessed: […]


Coast Mountain Academy’s Leadership Expeditions for Academic Discovery has been a cornerstone of the school since its conception. Our situation in one of Canada’s outdoor recreation meccas affords us remarkable access to an incredible diversity of activities with which to create meaningful student experiences. Widely praised by alumni as the most significant aspect of their […]

Interdisciplinary Humanities

Coast Mountain Academy takes a ‘blended’ approach to the subjects traditionally labeled “English Language Arts” and “Social Studies”. At all grade levels these subjects areas are taught in a single course over the entire year. In a nutshell: We are going to use English to learn about Politics, Philosophy, and Economics so that we can […]