Guest Blog – Juan de Fuca LEAD Trip

Big thanks to grade 8 student, Maelle for providing this guest Blog post:

The Juan de Fuca hike was such an incredible trip filled with collaboration, bonding, memories and most importantly fun! Our grade 8 class has made so many core memories during the duration of our trip, but the one that stands out to us most is the last night. We had just hiked our longest day and were extremely exhausted but we all still had fun playing in the big crashing waves underneath the beautiful warm sun. At night we slept peacefully underneath the stars that stood out like lights in the sky, it was truly magical.

We would like to shout out Oisin for carrying Demetrious, his soccer ball, through thick and thin so we could enjoy hours of kick ball on the beach. Everyone was pleased with Oisin’s perseverance to carry the ball, and Carter’s courageous swim to retrieve it after Mr. I kicked it into the ocean.

We will never forget the incredible waterfall that took our breath away. It was located inside a cave filled with moss and a gorgeous creek that acted as a pathway leading you up to the stunning waterfall. We all took showers in the freezing cold water to wash away all the dirt and salt that had accumulated during the week. This was one of the best highlights of the trip.

On our trip our class was broken up into three groups, we called these groups Pods. There was Mr I pod, Mr B pod and Mrs Davies pod. After two days on the trail everyone was eager to see which pod was the “best” so we created the pod Olympics. Each team was to compete in a series of competitions and by the end the team with the most points wins! The games consisted of shot put, rock stacking, penalty kick, cartwheels and a running race. In the end Mrs Davie’s group was declared the champions and the question of who the “best” pod was solved. That was definitely one of our favorite activities on the Juan de Fuca trail.

Overall this trip had such a big impact on each and every one of the grade eight students and we are so grateful for all the memories and experiences we created on this incredible trip.