Educational Technology

Following our mandate of preparing our students to be responsible and capable digital citizens, Coast Mountain Academy is proud to be a fully-integrated Google Apps for Education school. This means that students and faculty at CMA use the Google Apps suite of applications and other digital tools for most classroom activity.

Each student is given a Google account attached to Coast Mountain Academy. This account includes the following:

  • A personal email account with an ‘’ address, built on the powerful GMail platform
  • A private cloud storage Drive with unlimited capacity
  • Individualized Calendar, Contacts, Todo lists, and other productivity tools hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere
  • Access to cutting-edge collaborative document software like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, and more.

Additionally, students will use their ‘CMA account’ use Google apps like Forms and Classroom to complete everyday classroom activities and assignments.

CMA Student Technology Requirements

Students are expected to come to school every day equipped to work in our dynamic technological environment. Our heavy use of online tools and digital workflows for learning activities means students will need a certain level of technology to engage in what CMA has to offer.

We recognize the value in having students and parents choose the operating systems and hardware that they prefer or that they may already have. We are committed to reviewing those options and helping families find the best possible tech options. With that in mind, here are the minimum requirements for day-to-day tech at CMA:

  1. A laptop computer with a current (< 5 years old) operating system and the ability to connect to the internet with an up-to-date web browser– preferably Google Chrome. A battery capable of all-day use it also crucial, 6 hrs is a minimum.
  2. A dedicated scientific calculator – not built into cellphone (for grades 7 – 10), see the FAQ.
  3. A graphics calculator (for grades 11 & 12), may be advantageous for grade 10 students as well.

 Computers and cell phones should be protected with an appropriate case that safeguards it against impact damage; and in the case of mobile devices, shock/water/dirt/abrasion damage. We also recommend that parents record the serial numbers of all electronic devices.

Recommended Computers

Apple Macbook Air 13″

  • Easy to use Mac OS
  • Very long battery life
  • Most popular student computer
  • More Information

Asus ZenBook 3

Google Chromebook

  • Best value
  • Best integration with Google Apps
  • Many models to choose from
  • More Information

Recommended Calculators

Casio Mid Level Scientific Calculator (fx-9750 gii)

Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator (TI-30XIIS)

Technology FAQ