Meet A New CMA Teacher

CMA is thrilled to welcome Ms. Jamie Mowbray to the team for the 2023/24 academic year. This is what Ms. Mowbray had to say about joining CMA:

I am thrilled to be joining the CMA community after several years of teaching in Squamish. Born and raised in Ontario, I moved to Squamish 5 years ago to embark on my teaching career and to discover a community of nature enthusiasts. While in Ontario, I completed a joint Undergraduate Degree in Community Development and Business, followed by my Masters of Teaching. My research focused on weaving Indigenous Knowledge and Ways of Knowing into the classroom. My teaching pedagogy is informed by many diverse experiences; from working in remote First Nation communities, to guiding paddling trips at summer camp. My mission as an educator is to teach all students to live compassionately and in harmony with themselves, one another, and their environments. Outside of the classroom I’m also a yoga instructor and enjoy spending time in nature running, hiking, and skiing!