Highlights from a LEAD Trip ‘Newbie’

Early September Mr. Logan asked if I was interested in joining the House Team LEAD Trip to Garibaldi. I quickly said yes, but then the reality set in as I realized I had not done a multi-day trip in many years, in fact, 10 years! Well, I am so glad I pushed through the nervousness and took part as the experience was truly breath-taking and reminded me of what makes CMA such a special community.

The weather certainly was in our favour (sorry Skookum and Elaho – I know it was a different story for your teams). The scenery was beautiful and I did enjoy my daily hot chocolate, but the highlight for me was the kindness, compassion, and encouragement that a select few of our seniors repeatedly displayed for our newest and youngest students. On numerous occasions, I saw these seniors lightening younger student’s backpacks. On our last day, two senior students carried other student’s entire backpack along with their own! From cheering on our grade 7 students to tending cuts and scrapes these senior’s behaviour was genuinely heart-warming.

I encourage us all to remember the power of simple acts of kindness. What if we all behaved in this way? I will leave you with a quote below that really resonated with me…

Can’t wait for my next adventure!
Ms. Keeling

“Together we can change the world, one simple act of kindness at a time.” – Ron Hall