5 Tips for Managing Back to School Anxiety

There can be a lot of anxiety for both students and parents at this hectic time of year! CMA Counsellor, Ms. Melahnie Moodie shares some tips for managing anxiety below:

1) Eat 3 balanced meals a day ESPECIALLY breakfast. Studies show that balanced blood sugar levels and regular meals help your brain focus and your nervous system stay balanced.

2) Get into direct sunlight and move your body within 10 minutes of waking up.

3) Restful sleep, with screen-free time before bed, and do NOT reach for your phone first thing in the morning, give your brain and system at least 20 minutes before allowing the worlds distractions in.

4) Throughout the day when you see children getting antsy, tired or talkative get them moving. Studies show that brain breaks throughout the day help students learn better, listen more and helps balance their mind.

5) Leave room in your schedule for “Free Time”.
Our culture LOVES to have everything scheduled but children and adults all need time to have unstructured time, to relax if they need to, and to do whatever they need to do in the moment. Being able to listen to one’s body and emotions is one of the best gifts we can give to our children and is very beneficial for a healthy mental-emotional state.

CMA students and parents are invited to book time with Ms. Moodie to discuss anxiety and coping strategies. She is here to help! She can be reached for bookings at [email protected].