Parents as Preventers: Understanding and Responding to Teen Substance Use

Wednesday February 1, 2017
7:00 – 9:00pm
Quest University – Multi-Purpose Room

Join Coast Mountain Academy for this very important presentation by Robb McGirr. It is open to all parents, but will be of particular interest for parents of grade 7-10 students as this represents the highest risk period for first-use.

Robb McGirr is an Addictions Counsellor specializing in school-based prevention and early intervention. Robb has a long history with both schools and community groups having worked as a Port Moody Police Officer for 20 years, and a youth substance use prevention specialist for the last 11 years.

While Robb recognizes that the support provided to students at school is important, he does believe that the most effective prevention strategies start at home, with parents and families. During his presentation he will highlight:

  • Drugs of choice: What are they? What are their risks?
  • Understanding and responding to ‘first-use’ risks as your child transitions from middle school to highschool.
  • Parental influence: How to support safe and healthy choices for your child.
  • How to recognize and respond to a ‘drug-curious’ child.
  • How to recognize and respond to a child who may be ‘drug-active’.
  • Social Media: Where are your children getting their information?

For more information on Robb McGirr and Front-Line Prevention Services please visit

This event is free and open to the public. Hope you can join us!