E3 – Problem Solving with Gary Fitzpatrick, Q.C

On November 4th CMA took part in a Problem Solving E3 exercise that involved a learning activity with Gary Fitzpatrick, Q.C. Mediator of Fitzpatrick and Co. Gary’s work is in the area of dispute resolution and his career started in the court system as a lawyer and has moved into the realm of mediation.

Mr. Fitzpatrick presented a scenario to our students derived from a situation he would see in his workplace. Our students participated in a simulation role play that had them acting in parts as companies involved in a dispute and the mediator assigned to help the parties create a solution to the given problem. In this particular case the parties were companies with a similar product that had merged together in order to produce a higher quality product. As the project continued both parties were upset about how the product was evolving, and not meeting the expectations of the client. The students worked together to come up with a solution rather than a dissolution of the companies’ work together.

This simulation was great learning experience for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it demonstrated that the experiences that the students have in their various group work projects here at school are similar to scenarios that they will also encounter later in the workplace. The group work skills they practice now will be transferable for doing efficient work as they enter the workforce. Secondly, it introduced the students to different avenues of dispute resolution and gave students a picture of alternative careers in the field of justice. CMA is grateful for Gary’s time and expertise that he generously shared to enhance our learning.

Written by guest blogger: Ms. Alysa Patching, Co-ordinator of Innovation & Learning