Formative Assessment Model

Coast Mountain Academy is proud to comprehensively implement the assessment approach promoted by the 2018 Ministry of Education curriculum redesign: a philosophy of classroom assessment that emphasizes student self-awareness and repeated efforts that lead to mastery.

Our “Formative Assessment Model” utilizes two different grade scales based on the type of coursework or activity being assessed:

  • “Formative” work is given a score on the Formative Scale that encourages learning from weaknesses and failures to promotes resilience, confidence, and a growth-mindset towards learning.
  • “Evaluative” work is given a score on the Evaluative Scale that informs the student (and parent!) on their degree of mastery. These scores lead to student’s reported grades.

All scores are accompanied by feedback aimed at continued learning and student’s ownership of their progress.  Student scores and feedback are communicated through the MyCMA portal so that parents have access to timely information and student’s can see all their scores in one place.

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