Inquiry Based Learning, Core Competencies, and the revised BC curriculum at CMA.

Since August 22, CMA Faculty have been rigorously preparing for the school year and this first week at camp. Most of our days were filled with meetings and planning sessions; but on September 1st we took a break from our planning to do some professional development.
This upcoming year we will be doing a lot of school wide work in Inquiry Based Learning. One of the outcomes of this style of learning and teaching is the opportunity to develop and practice the 21st century skills that have been identified as the most important competencies for students to acquire in their schooling. The BC Ministry of Education articulates these skills in the new mandated curriculum as “Core Competencies”.  These core competencies span and support the content of the learning in each subject area and have become a focus in the updated curriculum.

CMA teachers spent the day becoming familiar with these competencies and how they are woven into the revised curriculum.  More professional development work will be done when it comes to recognizing how we are already addressing these competencies, new ways to infuse them into our practice and including them in student assessment. A description of the Core Competencies can be accessed at

Guest Blogger – Ms. Alysa Patching, CMA Coordinator of Innovation and Learning