Website Renewal Completed

With our third year of operation a huge success, I was determined to spend some of my available time this Summer to finally update CMA’s website.

While our previous online presence was sufficient, it was much more oriented toward’s its original purpose: announcing to the world that CMA existed and what it would be. Now that we have been through a few years, put mileage on our buses, and graduated our first student, our website needed to better reflect the living community CMA has become.

After quite some effort and deliberation, therefore, I present to you CMA’s illustrious updated website! A new look and feel, some sought-after information tools (e.g. the prominent Google-powered School Calendar!), tighter social media integration, and a host of improvements on our end which will allow staff to make this an authoritative source of information for current and prospective families.

I invite you to use social media to give us feedback on the new site and to share it far and wide!