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CMA Open Houses

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Open House events this Spring! Still interested in our school? You can book a private tour by calling Tracy Keeling, Director of Admissions at 604-390-3262.
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“I love how we all seem to just be ourselves. ┬áIt was like that from the very beginning.”
Alexandra, Grade 8

Spend the day at CMA

Ever wondered what it is like to go to CMA? We are inviting non-CMA students in grades 6 through 12 to join us for the day. Visitors will join our students for all classes, breaks and lunch. Pre-registration is required, but is very easy! Our next Day@CMA event is scheduled for Wednesday June 1st, please call 604-390-3262 to register.
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“I only wish some of the innovative educational concepts that CMA has identified and will use in their curriculum had been available when I was a young student,.”
Tina, Parent

What are our students up to?

Curious about how our students spend their days at CMA? Connect with us on Facebook for a ‘window’ into the classrooms of CMA. We are also on Twitter and Instagram, and YouTube. See you there!
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“We all bring something and it really just seems like we are…well, friends.”
Nick, Grade 10

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