Coast Mountain Academy offers daily return transportation to and from Gleneagles Community Centre in West Vancouver, as well as the neighbourhoods of Emerald, Rainbow, Alpine, Nester’s Market, Spring Creek, Function Junction, and Black Tusk in Whistler. Each trip takes approximately 45 minutes and students often use the time to nap, catch up on homework (e.g. written, assigned video quizzes, reading, or listening to podcasts) or to socialize.

In students’ busy lives downtime in transit is a time to process information into knowledge, discuss the day’s events, listen to local and world news, and take time to reflect on their day.

West Vancouver Route

Whistler Route

CMA partially subsidizes transportation for our students. Families using the service contribute to the operational budget on a cost-recovery basis.

Public Transportation

The district of Squamish offers regular bus service from central points to our campus. Schedules are set by Squamish Transit System and are subject to change.