High Performance Program

Current CMA students who are involved in sport or performing arts at a high-performance level are welcome to apply to join the CMA High Performance Program. The application form can be found below.

Which students should apply?

  • Students who are competing or performing at a provincial, national or international level.
  • Students who are recognized as being in the top 10% in their discipline in the province, the country or the world as identified by the governing body.
  • Students whose participation in a discipline is required, as a function of their level of skill and their discipline as described by their governing body, to miss scheduled schooling on a regular basis, or for long periods of time, in such a manner that their educational success is compromised.

If accepted to the CMA High Performance Program students will be required to work with their teachers to complete alternate activities to demonstrate their learning while away from school. As a student-athlete/performer there will be a higher level of expectation on individual students to take ownership of their own learning, be able to work independently to complete assignments and tests, and demonstrate an exceptional level of time-management skills. Students will need to communicate training and competition schedules as early as possible with classroom teachers and a meeting will occur between the athlete/performer, parents, teachers and the Head of School to discuss the schedule and expectations.

CMA endeavours to support students to achieve at the highest level of their abilities. We expect that students in the CMA High Performance Program will be leaders and role models for the other students demonstrating exceptional behaviour and work habits in the classroom and in the sporting arena or the performance stage.

All students interested in applying to the CMA High Performance Program are required to fill out this form and provide the required documents:

  1. Letter from Coach/Instructor
  2. Days, start and end times for training sessions
  3. Absences as a result of competition and/or performances
  4. List of recent accomplishments in your pursuit of excellence