Head of School

Brett Logan
Contact Brett at brett.logan@coastmountainacademy.ca
Mr. Logan was born and raised in North Vancouver to a family that enjoys skiing, board games, education, politics, camping and road trips. These experiences at an early age influenced Brett towards a lifelong pursuit of outdoor adventure, stimulating discussion, and, ultimately, his career as an educator. He holds a degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Biology from The University of British Columbia (BHK), a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), in addition to Canoe & Kayak Instructing & Trip Leading designations. Most recently, he completed his Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University (BEd) with a focus in Physical and Outdoor Education. Prior to completing this program at SFU, Brett taught for 2 years in the South Korean public school system, and for a year at an Academy in Quebec City that focused on bilingualism and motor skill development.
In a deliberate effort to increase his understanding of global connectedness, Brett has traveled extensively through Central and South America, Asia, and Australasia, experiencing many dynamic shades of life along the way. His educational aspirations are to create an increased sense of unity between Outdoor Education, Physical Education, creative writing and the sciences, and to inspire his students to see themselves as beings connected with not only their natural surroundings, but with the far reaches of the globe as well. He is very excited about the future that awaits the students of CMA and is ecstatic to be a part of it. One spring day, he hopes, it will be the students of Coast Mountain holding the championship banner for BC High School Mountain Biking.