Google Classroom Guardian Summary Information

Google LogoGoogle Classroom Guardian Summaries are a new feature of G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) designed to efficiently keep parents up to date with the classroom activity and progress of their child. Introduced over the Summer in 2016, the Guardian Summary is an automatically-generated digest of “Stream” items from a given Google Classroom.

When a parent accepts an invitation (sent by a teacher through the system) to be a “Guardian” of a student, they will receive a Summary for each of that student’s Classrooms at the frequency they specify on the invite-acceptance webpage; daily, weekly, or not at all. Invitations are accepted by clicking a link in the invite email.

Click here to see Google’s information page on Guardian Summaries

Click here to see Google’s FAQ for Guardians on Summaries

Classroom Summaries at CMA

Faculty at Coast Mountain Academy use Classrooms with your child everyday for everything from setting and receiving assignments to conducting collaborative activities. They are an integral part of each student’s daily experience. Being connected to this tool through a daily or weekly digest is an ideal conversation starter at home and a way of knowing when your student might need support.

Things to Note:

  1. links, documents, and media attached to Stream Items are not visible in the Guardian Summary. If you are curious about something listed (because it makes little sense without the attachments), ask your student to show you on the Classroom website!
  2. Due to security limitations imposed by Google, you must have Google Account to receive Guardian Summaries. If you do not use Gmail, your invite will prompt you to create a Google Account; you may choose not to have a new Gmail email address with it. If you do use Gmail, you’re already logged into your Google Account.
  3. The ‘overdue work’ listing of Guardian Summaries is not a foolproof way to know that your student is up to date in their coursework. Students have the ability to mark assignments as ‘done’ without submitting an attachment to their teacher.

Troubleshooting an Unreceived Invite

In September, Guardian Summary Invites were sent to all parent email addresses as they appeared in our Provincial student information database; MyEd BC. If you did not receive your invite, there are a number of steps to take in order to get connected:

  1. Try searching for “(Classroom)” in your All Mail folder. This phrase is part of the “Sender” field of the invite.
  2. Try searching for “Get Google Classroom email summaries” in your All Mail folder. This is the subject line of the invite.
  3. Check your Spam folder using the same search phrases.

If there is no sign of your invite, we’ll have to send a new one. Before requesting a new invite, however, please ensure that you have added the domain “” to your spam whitelist so it will not get filtered again. This process will vary depending on your email service.

When you’re ready for us to re-send the invite, contact Mr. Sharp ( at the school to have this done.