Coast Mountain Academy is an independent day school located at the incredible campus of Quest University Canada, in Squamish, British Columbia. CMA promotes excellence in education through innovative and inspiring programming models for students in grades 7 to 12.

Our unique style of teaching and learning is informed by findings from current academic research and time-tested educational philosophies. CMA strives towards the application of emergent teaching innovations and dynamic learning venues, both of which are carefully applied to meet the needs of an evolving 21st-century pedagogy.

Simply stated, we at CMA endeavour to graduate inspired leaders with the exceptional academic, social, and emotional preparedness common to conscientious and successful global citizens.

Drawing on the experience of some of the most successful educational innovators across North America, we are creating highly-engaging indoor and outdoor classroom experience to support the holistic development of students. Smaller class sizes, longer class periods, and an emphasis on cross-curricular learning will take full advantage of our rich natural environment. Our priorities are to enable our students with the skills and support to earn their education and develop proficiency in written and oral communication, empathetic relationships, and critical analytical thinking — the keys to success in post-secondary education and beyond.
See our Common Questions page for more details on what a CMA teacher will bring to the school.

Application Process

We encourage you to send your resume, cover letter and supporting resources to careers@coastmountainacademy.ca for future consideration and for our substitute teacher list.

At Coast Mountain Academy we like to do things differently. In addition to the standard type-written CV, please feel free to express your creativity in other ways. We are seeking creative knowledge seekers to join our team, so show us how you stand out. What will make you the teacher that students talk about 20 years from now? Be innovative. Be engaged. Be inspired.

Formatting submissions:

Applications should be addressed to Brett Logan, Head of School.

For organizational purposes, please send us one file that includes all of the relevant information. Use the following file name format: “Lastname, Firstname – Application for (insert position)” (i.e. teacher, staff, driver, administration, etc.)

Thank you very much, we look forward to reading your submissions.

Current Opportunities

Currently, we do not have any staff or faculty opportunities.