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How do we make report cards meaningful?

How Can We Make Reports & Assessments of Student Learning Meaningful to both Parent and Student Stakeholders? On October 26th, CMA will be distributing a digital Interim Report to all of our parents via email. This report is one way to communicate with parents about their student’s learning in the classroom. Each report is a […]

Love the Skin You’re In by Brie Mathers

This week we had body-image activist Brie Mathers visit our parent and student community. Brie is an activist whose work is focused on liberating youth from the messages driven by media about what qualities make someone attractive and lovable.  She helps to deconstruct ideas influenced by the media’s focus on sexualized external beauty and highlights […]

Games as a learning tool

Students in Science 7 class have been studying geological time this past week. They were challenged to create board games that highlight key events in the evolution of life, and other important moments in geological time. Students came up with some creative, fun, and very informative games that we enjoyed playing in class.  

Problem Solving Fridays

A new initiative this year at CMA is Problem Solving Fridays. The purpose of this block is to come together and collaborate as multi-grade learning teams around problem solving activities.  Students are learning to work in diverse groups while employing various problem solving skills.  Over past couple weeks we have been working together to solve […]

A Week to Build Community at CMA

As in years past, we started the academic year at Camp Summit. CMA students and faculty eat, live, and play together for 4 days straight. Our adventures at camp build trust, respect, and most of all a sense of community and friendship. What a way to launch the academic year and our uniquely CMA outdoor […]