Tuition & Fees

Coast Mountain Academy Fee Structure 2020/2021

1. CMA New Family Enrollment Fees

Application Fee: $250.00

Futures Fund: $2,500.00

The Futures Fund is a non-refundable contribution towards interim financing of:

  • Capital Investment
  • IT Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Scholarships Program

Futures Fund Fees are paid one time, per family.

2. Annual Student Tuition

Grade 7-9 $17,400

Grade 10-12 $18,400

Tuition can be paid in full on or before March 1, 2020, or on the CMA payment plan (with a 2.5% financing fee) in 10 monthly installments from March 1-December 1, 2020.

3. Enriched Experiential Education Fee (E3 Fee)

Enriched Experiential Education (E3) Fee: $1,300.00.

E3 Fees cover all trips and workshops per student, per year.

3. Uniform Fee

Uniform: $400.00 (approximate, based on options selected)

4. Information Technology Investment Requirements

To participate at CMA students will require a certain amount of technology. More complete information is available on our Educational Technology page. In brief, students will require a laptop with an up-to-date operating system that they will use for much of their ‘indoor classroom’ learning. This computing device should have the capacity to:

  • Run multiple apps simultaneously
  • Access the internet by Wifi
  • Access the Google Apps for Education suite of tools (i.e. have a current web browser)
  • Access peripheral devices such as printers, monitors, projectors, portable devices, etc.
  • Be portable enough that it can be taken into our ‘outdoor classrooms’

5. Financial Aid

CMA is committed to attracting the best and brightest students who show leadership, integrity, and compassion and who engage wholeheartedly in the unique vision and reality of a Coast Mountain Academy educational experience. We are committed to providing financial assistance through our bursary program to families in need. All bursary applications are submitted and analyzed through a third-party provider Apple Financial Services.

For information on how to apply for a CMA bursary please visit our Financial Aid webpage.

6. Siblings Policy

Siblings of current students can receive a 10% reduction in the tuition component of the fee schedule. Please consult the Director of Admissions to confirm eligibility.

7. Additional Costs

Additional costs will vary depending on the requirements of the program. Offsets from fundraising will be explored and many alternatives can be discussed. Possible additional costs are:

  • Workbooks for Math, etc.
  • Special order uniform items like toques, hats, jackets, etc.
  • International trips and Expeditions
  • LEAD Trips, CMA Summer Semester Abroad, Service Expeditions, etc.
  • Airfare and transportation
  • Accommodation & Meals
  • Activity and admission fees
  • Conference fees
  • Specialty programming and Field Trips
  • Musical Instrument Rental
  • Daily Bus Transportation
  • Lab costs
  • Externally administered exams
  • Some external online courses

For any questions or concerns, please contact Thank you.

Please note that all fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Head of School or Board of Governors. All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars.