Financial Aid

CMA is committed to accessibility for all students who show an active interest in their education and who can demonstrate their commitment to supporting our school’s community values.

We are committed to attracting engaged and inquisitive students who demonstrate integrity and compassion and who commit wholeheartedly to a Coast Mountain Academy educational experience.

CMA will support our students in their dedication to becoming conscientious, successful global citizens with the skills required to embrace the opportunities of today and the promise of tomorrow. CMA currently offers financial aid in the form of bursaries, which are need-based awards.

CMA students can apply for bursary awards at any time throughout the academic year as the need arises. Applications are reviewed by Apple Financial Services, but funded by CMA. Bursaries are reviewed (and if needed) re-awarded each academic year. Bursary awards can only be put towards tuition costs, leaving all other fees to be paid by parents, guardians or other sponsors.

Please contact the Director of Admissions, Tracy Keeling at 604-390-3262 for more information.