Come see what all the excitement is about….

Join us for a DAY@CMA!

DAY@CMA provides the opportunity for students from any school or academic background to experience what a typical day feels like at Coast Mountain Academy. Visiting students will have the opportunity to join in classes, ask questions, and share in the stories of our current students.

We host regular DAY@CMA events throughout the academic year, here are the Day@CMA dates for the 2016/17 academic year:

Tuesday October 11, 2016
Tuesday November 22, 2016
Thursday January 26, 2017
Wednesday February 8, 2017
Tuesday March 7, 2017
Wednesday April 19, 2017 **exclusive event for grade 6 students only**
Tuesday May 16, 2017

What does a DAY@CMA look like?

Right away, students will feel a difference when they come to CMA. Our smaller classes and collaborative teaching methods make for a very engaging class experience. Whether it is indoors around our boardroom-style Harkness tables or sitting in a circle around a fire in the woods, students are motivated to be integrated, interactive, and invested in their learning.

The Schedule for a typical DAY@CMA is as follows:

8:20 – Visiting student drop off
8:30 – PE class
9:35 – Math class
10:30 – Class (varies)
11:50 – Lunch
12:40 – Class (varies)
2:00 – Elective / INQubator class
3:15 – Students are dismissed for the day

Students will require:

  • Business-casual attire; khaki or dress-style pants, button down or golf shirt, blue or dark non-hooded sweater.
  • PE clothes; shirt, shorts, and non-marking athletic shoes.
  • Sweater/jacket for outdoor activities
  • Writing utensils, notebooks, etc.
  • Internet-enabled device. (laptop or iPad)
  • Packed lunch or money to purchase food at the Quest cafeteria, reusable water bottle, and snacks.
  • Completed Informed Consent and Publicity Release forms.
  • Inquiring mind and positive attitude.

We encourage any interested families to contact us for more information on our DAY@CMA programs.

For more information or to register for a DAY@CMA, please call Tracy Keeling, Director of Admissions at 604-390-3262 or via email

We look forward to sharing our school with your family!