Educational Research

Our instructional models are designed to be responsible, responsive, and research-driven.

Recent research in neurobiology, physiology, adolescent psychology, and educational practice has highlighted many new opportunities for designing highly effective instructional models targeted at age-related findings.  By combining the best practices of traditional schooling (i.e. what experienced teachers know works) into the findings of leading-edge educational research, CMA offers a truly unique learning environment.

Our methods are designed to promote academic achievement through meaningful engagement.  Students apply their in-class learning through bi-weekly experiential education activities (E3).  This core program gets our students active and connects course theory to practical, physical applications.

We have referenced research from a variety of disciplines for the development of our leading edge instructional model.  Using both our indoor and outdoor classrooms, we see many ways in which we can enhance the student experience by teaching to their natural dispositions.

Reference Resources