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Brett Logan
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Mr. Logan was born and raised in North Vancouver to a family that enjoys skiing, board games, education, politics, camping and road trips. These experiences at an early age influenced Brett towards a lifelong pursuit of outdoor adventure, stimulating discussion, and, ultimately, his career as an educator. He holds a degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Biology from The University of British Columbia (BHK), a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), in addition to Canoe & Kayak Instructing & Trip Leading designations. Most recently, he completed his Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University (BEd) with a focus in Physical and Outdoor Education. Prior to completing this program at SFU, Brett taught for 2 years in the South Korean public school system, and for a year at an Academy in Quebec City that focused on bilingualism and motor skill development.
In a deliberate effort to increase his understanding of global connectedness, Brett has traveled extensively through Central and South America, Asia, and Australasia, experiencing many dynamic shades of life along the way. His educational aspirations are to create an increased sense of unity between Outdoor Education, Physical Education, creative writing and the sciences, and to inspire his students to see themselves as beings connected with not only their natural surroundings, but with the far reaches of the globe as well. He is very excited about the future that awaits the students of CMA and is ecstatic to be a part of it. One spring day, he hopes, it will be the students of Coast Mountain holding the championship banner for BC High School Mountain Biking.

Jennifer Ingram
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Ms. Ingram is an important part of our innovative and enthusiastic faculty team at CMA. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and Management from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and worked for several years as a structural field engineer. Following her passion for education, she journeyed overseas to New Zealand to earn a Graduate Diploma in Teaching. She began her career abroad at John McGlashan College in Dunedin, New Zealand, and embraced the opportunity to teach a variety of curriculums including International Baccalaureate and Cambridge Mathematics.
She strives to help students find beauty in mathematics by creating and exploring the relationships of mathematical structures. She is focused on integrating mathematics with the arts and sciences in order to help students understand and value mathematics in everyday life.

Her past experience has given her the opportunity to become a leader for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and she is looking forward to continuing her involvement at CMA. She feels this award motivates students make the most of all opportunities and challenges them to become active members of the community.She has an attraction to the outdoors and lives a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

A certified yoga instructor, lifelong skier and avid mountain biker, Jennifer hopes to inspire students to try new activities, follow their dreams and set manageable goals to reach their potential through perseverance and hard work.

Travis Busschaert
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Mr. Busschaert is not only an accomplished teacher, but a talented woodworker. Mr. B (as he is fondly referred to around campus) has a BSc. in Biology from Wilfred Laurier University, a BEd from the University of Western University, as well as a certificate in Fine Woodworking from Selkirk College in Nelson.
Travis is fascinated by the current and historical connections between scientific advancement and the resulting effects on cultures and society at large. Technological advance occurs at ever-greater rates and demands a generation of scientifically literate youth. Travis uses enthusiasm and awe to engage and inspire his students to recognize the wonders of science and the natural world. He also challenges them to consider the potential impacts or consequences that science and technology can have on the environment both locally and globally. He strives to evoke a sense of stewardship in his students as they begin to grasp many of the potential positive impacts they and their peers can be a part of.

A self-described lifelong learner, Travis is a firm believer in interest driven learning and continues to pursue new avenues of learning that he continues to share with CMA students and staff.

Evan Sharp
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Mr. Sharp is a professional educator who moved to Squamish in 2013 to follow a passion for innovative education and adventure sports. Mr. Sharp’s driving belief is that cross-curricular experiential learning yields the most enduring understandings in students.
Mr. Sharp holds a BA and MA in Classics from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University respectively, a BEd from the University of Toronto (History & Philosophy), and has been leading and educating young people in and out of the classroom for over 10 years. Since 2015 he has been a Level 2 Google Certified Educator, and is a founding leader of the BC Google Educator Group; a professional development network for Google Educators. Evan is fluent in the French language, a student of several others, and delights in cross-language puns.

When left to his own devices, Mr. Sharp is a web developer, a National Ringette League official, a formerly sponsored 24 hour solo mountain bike racer, and a timid but fanatical ice climber.

Kathleen Stanford
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A native-Ontarian, Ms. Stanford now calls Whistler home. Ms. Stanford initially moved west to enjoy a winter in the mountains, but stayed for the incredible year-round activities the area offers.
Ms. Stanford holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Modern Languages from the University of Ottawa. Studying languages has provided her with countless opportunities for personal growth and career options. Ms. Stanford has lived in France and Costa Rica, and believes that language learning not only provides a fascinating glimpse into other cultures, but also deepens our understanding of self. Ms. Stanford has also worked as an educator in outdoor education in BC and Ontario, and loves connecting students with their natural environment while challenging them physically and personally.

She enjoys keeping up to date with global politics and is passionate about social justice on both a global and local level. Ms. Stanford is your ‘go to person’ on campus for a great debate and conversation on hot topics of the day.

Mary Mackenzie
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Ms. Mackenzie is excited to be back in B.C. after six months of teaching abroad in Colombia. As a native Vancouver Islander she has always called the West Coast home and looks forward to sharing her connection to and helping her students learn from this beautiful place we live in.

Having obtained her B.A. in Anthropology at the University of Victoria, her academic passion lays in humanities, a subject she loves as our understanding of the past is constantly evolving. It was while pursuing her undergraduate degree that Ms. Mackenzie realized she wanted to be a teacher and the year following her graduation moved across the Straight of Georgia to obtain her Bachelor of Education at UBC in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program Cohort, where she graduated from with the Dean’s Award for Practicum Excellence.

When she’s not teaching she can be found hiking, snowboarding, cooking, practicing Spanish or planning her next adventure. She is also a voracious reader forever searching for the next good book. Ms. Mackenzie believes in a holistic, student-centered approach to learning and is excited to be the new grade seven teacher at Coast Mountain Academy.

Ross Petersen
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Ross was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast of BC. As a youth, he was fortunate to have unstructured opportunities to play in nature. Catching frogs, building tree forts, biking, canoeing, fishing, and sailing the BC coast with his grandparents were enlivening. These experiences fostered a genuine appreciation for the complexity, interconnectivity, and beauty of Science. They also later motivated Ross to obtain an undergraduate degree in Biology and a graduate degree in Neuroscience from the University of Victoria. Following university, Ross worked in translational cancer medicine, neuroscience, and pediatric surgery where he had the opportunity to work with patients and experience first-hand scientific inquiry.

In the classroom and field, Ross promotes Science as a process and way of thinking. Curiosity, problem-solving, and critical thinking are what Science is all about. In Chemistry, stoichiometry involves moles and the balancing of chemical equations, but why do we do this, and how can this knowledge be applied in our daily lives, from the construction of airbags in vehicles to the study of ocean acidification processes? The pH scale is logarithmic, but why is this important? How can our study of pH in Chemistry help us to mitigate global ocean acidification trends?

Ross is keen to share his love of scientific exploration with the students. He views his role as a mentor and facilitator and encourages students to develop confidence and empower their learning. This will be Ross’s second year at Coast Mountain Academy. The friendly and passion-centred community make this is a welcome place for him to call home.

Crista Wiles
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As a self proclaimed life long learner, Crista has been sharing her passions with teenagers as a Literature/Science teacher and whitewater kayak coach. Since completing her Undergraduate Degree at St. Francis Xavier University and Bachelors of Education Degree at Nipissing University, she has been finding meaningful ways to explore and develop global stewardship through informed leadership.

Crista is back in the Sea to Sky after working with World Class Academy for three years, a traveling high school for student-athletes earning their education while exploring the unique rivers and cultures of the world. She has experience designing and implementing creative courses based on the needs of a variety of populations as she began her career working with youth at risk at the Boundless School in Ontario. Combining adventure therapy with literature and life skills is her happy place and she is always looking for new ways to expose people to different perspectives.

When she’s not on the river, in the mountains, or on bike trails, Crista can be found at the local library lost in a good book or on her yoga mat in the sunshine.


Tracy Keeling – Director of Admissions
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Tracy loves to share her passion for innovative education and CMA. If you live in the Sea to Sky corridor you have likely met her at any number of community events ‘talking up’ CMA, our philosophy and amazing team. Tracy comes to CMA with over 10 years of administrative and communications experience at Simon Fraser University, and most recently Quest University Canada. She is passionate about challenging the status quo, education, and loves working with young people. In her free time Tracy is often found with her daughters swimming, hiking, or sharing a plate of fries.

Heather Dunham – Business Manager
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Heather is an integral part of the team at CMA, and is one of the first people most visitors meet on campus. She is quick to welcome visitors, and makes it a priority to support our students (even when there is a giant stack of papers on her desk). Her compassion and care for our community is clear! Heather’s experience in successfully managing complex organizations has brought a professional and well-reasoned approach to the coordination of the business affairs at CMA. She also happens to have impeccable taste and is a great resource for advice on just about any purchase!

Melahnie Moodie – School Counsellor
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Melahnie Moodie has a passion for learning and being fully engaged in life. She enjoys being active, healthy and in nature. She has over five years experience teaching at an International Baccalaureate school in Vancouver, Spanish, science and global studies. She has also worked as a field producer, translator and educational director for a global documentary series featured on National Geographic. She has designed and written a global education curriculum based on this series that is distributed internationally.

In terms of her education, Melahnie has four degrees including and Bachelor of Science with a focus in sustainability, a Bachelor of Education with a focus on creativity in the classroom, a Master of Education with a focus on curriculum design, leadership and student engagement and a Master of Arts in counselling psychology with a focus on mindfulness. Melahnie also is deeply committed to personal growth, having over 20 years of practicing yoga and mindfulness.

Most recently Melahnie has experience working as a high school counsellor in West Vancouver. Being local to Squamish she is delighted to be a part of the team at CMA. Melahnie values each interaction she is fortunate to have working with youth as a counsellor and believes in each individual’s capacity for awareness, growth, and fulfillment.

Originally from Squamish, Melahnie is happy to be back to raise her two young children.