Board of Directors

Geoff Park
Geoff is the founder of Camp Summit and Outdoor Education Centre in Squamish. Summit works with the top schools in BC and sees almost 3,000 students per year through various outdoor and experiential education programs. He has had a dream to start a school here in Squamish and has been the catalyst that made it happen.

David Greenfield
David is a Principal and Founder of the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish and a Principal at Groundeffects Development Inc. He is currently working at developing major tourism projects in BC and North America. David has been keenly interested in improving education options in the Sea to Sky corridor and brings a solid business perspective to CMA. David is a former Executive Vice President of Intrawest.

Toran Savjord
Toran was the Vice President of Quest University Canada for it’s start up phase and first 10 years. He was also a founding faculty member who contributed to the design of the university’s unique curriculum. Toran has a background in post-secondary program creation and has developed certificates, diplomas, and degrees for colleges and universities throughout BC. Toran is currently working for Newport Beach Developments and the Squamish Clean Tech Association (a group made up of the Squamish Nation, the District of Squamish, Carbon Engineering- a Bill Gates and Provincial Government sponsored carbon capture company, and UBC’s Clean Energy Research Centre) to create a green technology engineering and research centre, business hub, and business accelerator on the Squamish ocean waterfront development.