Board of Directors

Geoff Park
Geoff is the founder of Camp Summit and Outdoor Education Centre in Squamish. Summit works with the top schools in BC and sees almost 3,000 students per year through various outdoor and experiential education programs. He has had a dream to start a school here in Squamish and has been the catalyst that made it happen.

David Greenfield
David is a Principal and Founder of the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish and a Principal at Groundeffects Development Inc. He is currently working at developing major tourism projects in BC and North America. David has been keenly interested in improving education options in the Sea to Sky corridor and brings a solid business perspective to CMA. David is a former Executive Vice President of Intrawest.

Toran Savjord
Toran was the Vice President of Quest University Canada for it’s start up phase and first 10 years. He was also a founding faculty member who contributed to the design of the university’s unique curriculum. Toran has a background in post-secondary program creation and has developed certificates, diplomas, and degrees for colleges and universities throughout BC. Toran is currently working for Newport Beach Developments and the Squamish Clean Tech Association (a group made up of the Squamish Nation, the District of Squamish, Carbon Engineering- a Bill Gates and Provincial Government sponsored carbon capture company, and UBC’s Clean Energy Research Centre) to create a green technology engineering and research centre, business hub, and business accelerator on the Squamish ocean waterfront development.

Advisory Board

Daphne Radford-Park: Daphne has taught in both the public and independent school system and has a passion for education.

Cameron Uganec: Founder and Managing Director of Beachfire, a boutique advisory firm focused on social enterprises and community-driven brands. Cameron partners with change-makers to launch new business models, organizations, brands, programs and services.

Trevor Dunn: Currently a Principal at the Sea to Sky Gondola and Groundeffects Development Inc, Trevor works extensively in Squamish. Former Vice President of Development at Intrawest.

Scott Meadows: Scott is a strategist, facilitator and trainer who helps individuals, communities and organizations envision and build their future. He lives with his family in North Vancouver, located strategically between mountain and city.

Jessie Barrie: PhD Experiential Education. Currently running the Experiential Education Dept. at the leading school in the field in the USA, Albuquerque Academy.

Sean Mitchell: Sean is the Director of Student Life at an IB World School in Toronto. In this position, he oversees Out-of-Doors Programming, Service Learning, the International Exchange Programme, and Student Leadership at the secondary level. Sean recently graduated from the CAIS Leadership Institute

Justin Medved: Masters of Educational Technology. Justin is on the cutting edge in his field and is currently the head of Technology, Teaching and Learning Specialist at an IB world School in Toronto.

Dr. Paul Malette: Director of CBI Consultants. CBI Consultants provides training and technical assistance to schools, community agencies, and families through evidence based practices that promote diversity, inclusion, academic and social achievement for all students.

Tina Beer Hamlin: Tina was the founding student at Collingwood School in West Vancouver and the Beer family were one of Collingwood’s founding families and helped contribute to the success of Collingwood’s first ten years. Tina graduated Collingwood in 1993 and then back to the Chair the Alumni Association and sit as Member of the Collingwood Board of Governors. Tina is a Squamish resident and business owner in North Vancouver.

Timothy Ng: Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in London, England. He subsequently joined the Corporate Finance department of a major international accounting firm in Hong Kong and worked on the IPO’s of a number of mainland Chinese companies. Timothy attended an independent school in England.

Christy Allan: Principal at Expand Marketing Group. Christy provides marketing and communications management for Coast Mountain Academy as well as several other organizations in the Sea to Sky Corridor where she has lived, worked and played for over 13 years.

Christina Moore: Christina has advised in a PR and communications capacity in the Sea to Sky Corridor since 1998 to a variety of organizations including Whistler Blackcomb and Quest University. She is currently communications manager with the District of Squamish.

Anne Parent: Former high school teacher, competitive athlete and Mother of two children.