What We Do

Simply stated, we at CMA endeavour to graduate inspired leaders with the exceptional academic, social, and emotional preparedness common to conscientious and successful global citizens.

Coast Mountain Academy offers:

  • Challenging and Rigorous Academics
  • Low Teacher to Student ratios
  • Focus on Student Engagement
  • Passionate Professional Educators

We create dynamic indoor and outdoor classroom experiences to support the wholistic development of students.

Our program fosters opportunities for well-rounded and deep learning. Our students, as future citizens of Canada and the world, will require skill sets for jobs that have yet to be created. 10 years ago many of today’s most sought after careers did not yet exist. Creativity, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking are top amongst the transferable skills required for well-being and success in the 21st century.

The qualities that our teaching methods nurture include:

  • A knowledge-seeking disposition
  • Desire to explore ideas of personal interest
  • Self-awareness
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Resilience / strong work ethic
  • Motivation to seek out answers or people/resources that can contribute to personal knowledge
  • Empathetic relationship and communication skills (collaboration mindset)
  • Desire to challenge current perspectives and expand physical and cognitive capabilities
  • Affirmative attitudes and challenge/opportunity mindset
  • Acceptance of a diversity of perspectives and identities

Our very highest ambition is to create experiences that nurture students’ sense of wonder and promote the pursuit of life-long learning. If we can inspire our students to become curious and resilient knowledge-seekers then we believe we have met the objectives of our professional callings as educators and contributed to a fulfilling life for our students.