About CMA

Coast Mountain Academy is a university-preparatory school for grades 7 through 12 located in beautiful Squamish. BC.

Our 21st century educational approach is informed by findings from academic research and time-tested educational practices, combined with a measure of innovation to meet the needs of modern students.

What is it that makes CMA stand out?

Coast Mountain Academy is a co-educational day school whose primary goal is to support the wholistic development of students through a diversity of teaching strategies. These include:

  • Teaching faculty and learning venues that emphasize academic rigour, challenge, and engagement;
  • Smaller class sizes to ensure a greater familiarity and more dedicated interaction between teacher and student;
  • Longer class periods that facilitate programming for varied learning styles;
  • Scheduling that supports cross-curricular learning opportunities.
  • Students actively engage knowledge in a variety of learning venues specifically designed to support their existing strengths, while also challenging them to pursue new skills, broader perspectives, and deeper meaning.

Time-tested teaching philosophies meet dynamic innovation

Coast Mountain Academy is dedicated to applying time-tested educational philosophies in its provision of relevant, high-calibre academic curricula. Our unique style of new contemporary education is informed by findings from academic research combined with a measure of dynamic innovation, carefully applied to meet the needs of an evolving youth culture experience.

Students engage in regular cross-curricular experiential education (see E3), service-learning projects, and leadership initiatives designed to equip them with the capabilities to become compassionate contributors at our school and beyond. Simply stated, we at Coast Mountain Academy endeavour to graduate inspired leaders with the exceptional academic, social, and emotional preparedness common to conscientious and successful global citizens.

Students are responsible for earning their education.  They commit to the tasks that they undertake, learn how to ask good questions, and maintain a level of wellness that will allow them to focus and be active learners. Students can expect a learning environment that is challenging, fosters self-expression, and  promotes accountability.

Parents are expected to check-in regularly with their children’s learning, provide stimulating extra-curricular experiences, and keep up to date with teaching methods and educational tools that they can apply at home.  Parents can expect that their child will have high-level academic instruction, that the school will provide exceptional opportunities for their child’s character development, and that they will have regular contact with staff and administration.

The Faculty at CMA are dedicated professionals who have been selected for their desire and ability to follow their calling to provide engaging, innovative education.  Our faculty is held to the high CMA standards of commitment, the requirements of the BC Ministry of Education, and the best practices of the education profession.  Faculty can expect that students will arrive at school ready to be academically challenged, that parents will be present in their child’s learning, and that regular check-ins will take place to ensure student achievement is on course.