NEW – Live, Real-time, Remote Learning

Coast Mountain Academy

We are very excited to announce the all-new CMA live, remote learning platform. 

This innovative platform gives our students the opportunity to join class remotely, in real-time, so they don’t miss out. Each classroom has now been outfitted with a CMA tablet that provides a live feed students can access through Google Meet. The live feed will transport the student into the classroom where they will be able to hear and see their teachers as well as fellow students and actively participate in classroom learning.

This platform was designed to support students who are unable to attend class in person. Perhaps the student is exhibiting a symptom from our daily health check, or they are isolating due to potential COVID exposure. If they can not be at school but are well enough to participate in class and keep up with their studies the tablet is a great solution.

If you are a CMA student you will need to:

  1. Login to your MySchool Account
  2. Go to MY SCHEDULE to determine what class you are in during the block rotation
  3. LOGIN to your GOOGLE CLASSROOM for the course that you are scheduled in
  4. Click the LINK in Google Classroom to access the Google Meet
  5. Enjoy learning LIVE with your teacher and fellow classmates
Ms. Keeling
Ms. Keeling