P.E. + Math

Physical Education and Mathematics are traditionally taught in isolation of one another. In keeping with Coast Mountain Academy’s innovative and inquisitive approach towards academics, we decided to once again challenge the status quo of education.

Inspired by new research into the fields of neuroscience and educational psychology, Coast Mountain Academy teaches Physical Education the first block of each morning, directly followed by mathematics – Monday to Friday. In doing so, our students are engaged in physical activity every day, and head to the classroom ready to focus on the deeply analytical and problem-based learning of our math curricula.

This approach has been a part of Coast Mountain Academy since our beginnings, and we believe strongly in the body fueling the mind. Since starting this practice of teaching mathematics directly after physical education, our teachers have noticed a marked improvement in the engagement, awareness, and curiosity of students following their morning of physical education.

We are able to integrate this into our schedule by holding Physical Education classes  school-wide during the same block. Grades 7 to 12 engage in PE together in groups of mixed ages, genders, and house teams, promoting a heightened sense of community and integration through game-based, physical learning and engagement.